Tough As Nails On Crime.
Even Tougher On Joe Biden.

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"I've put my life on the line protecting my community from criminals.  

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Now it's time to protect Americans and the American Dream from the liberals in Congress!"

- Johnny Teehee 

About Johnny

Johnny Teehee’s story is one of triumph over obstacles, sticking to principles, and giving back to his community.


After returning from serving in Vietnam, Johnny’s father turned to alcohol and his mother and step-dad turned to drugs.  As a result, from the age of seven, Johnny was raised by his grandparents, both full-blood Cherokees, in a small home that shook when the train literally went through their backyard. 


After high school, Johnny joined the local police force while going to college.  He soon found himself recruited to Muskogee where he has served on the force for 35 years, quickly rising through the ranks.  In 2001 Teehee graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA, and in 2018 he was named Chief of Police in Muskogee, the largest community in the congressional district.  


Early in his career, Johnny became a national leader in child abuse investigations, traveling the nation to train other officers, providing expert trial testimony, and helping communities develop child advocacy centers.  He was instrumental in the development of Kids Space, an advocacy center for abused children in Muskogee, and served as a board member for the National Network for Child Advocacy Centers.    


As the head of law enforcement, Johnny understands the importance of prevention.  He helps lead the fight against crime using athletics, in particular football, as a way for local police officers to connect with youth.  Even as Chief of Police, he continues to find time to coach high school football.  His success and faith led to his being named the Fellowship of Christian Athletes All-State Football Coach for 2020-2021.


In addition to building his law enforcement career, Johnny Teehee has been a successful businessman and served on the board of the Muskogee Chamber of Commerce.  He often employed the area’s youth at the historic Chet’s Dairy Freeze and has successfully owned and operated rental properties, including an apartment complex, as well as other business interests. 


As a child and a police officer, Johnny has seen how addiction and mental health issues destroy families.  He is not only fighting to stop the flow of drugs but is also working to help people with addiction. For 15 years, Johnny has been an active board member with Green Country Behavioral Health Services, the area’s largest non-profit mental health service provider that has helped over 2,300 families.  He has also served on the board of Court Appointed Special Advocates.


Johnny has been an active member of First Baptist Church of Muskogee for more than 30 years, serving on the International Mission Board, and teaching Sunday School.  He and his wife Kim have 6 children and just welcomed their first grandchild.


When elected, Johnny Teehee will be the only Republican in Congress to have served as the Chief of Police.  He will be able to bring his firsthand law enforcement experience to that body.  He will fight to secure our southern border as he has dealt with the consequences of illegal drugs infiltrating our communities.   He also understands the real consequences of the defund the police movement as they struggle to recruit new officers.  Johnny has simultaneously been tough on crime while facilitating a unified community.  He will bring those same skills to Congress.


On The Issues

Stop the Southern Invasion

Every day, Americans suffer because our national leaders have failed to protect our Southern border. We must build a border wall to stop the influx of drugs, especially fentanyl, which is killing our neighbors in our community.

Protect Parents' Rights & End Woke Policies

Parents know best how to educate their children and I will fight to protect those parental rights. Additionally, I will work to ban CRT and other Woke ideology from our schools, military, and government institutions.

Protect our 2nd Amendment Rights

Johnny is an ardent believer in the 2nd Amendment and will fight back Biden's attempts to take away our guns.

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Support & Fund The Police

As the Muskogee Police Chief, I see first hand the value in funding our police.  A well-funded law enforcement equals safe streets and low crime.

Stop Biden's Liberal Agenda

Biden is bankrupting this country with his out-of-control spending. Biden's Leftist policies are causing record inflation that is bankrupting us with higher gas prices and food expenses.  It's time to get our fiscal house back in order!

Protect the Unborn

Johnny believes that life begins at conception and is fervently Pro-Life.  He will fight for the rights of the unborn in Congress while working to halt federal funding of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

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